Electronic Media Destruction

We are helping you to dispose your electronic media in a responsible and environmentally friendly process, complying to the international standard.

Shred HDD & SSD

Shred Magnetic Tape Drive

Shred Optical Drive

Shred Other Devices

Degaussing and Electronic Media Destruction services are for:

  • Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Media
    • Hard Disk Drive
    • Magnetic Tape Drive (LTO / DLT Tapes)
    • Floppy Disk Drive
    • Solid-state Drive
    • USB Thumb Drive / Flash Drive
    • Memory Card Stick / SD Card

  • Optical Media

  • Other Devices
    • Computer
    • Notebook
    • Server
    • Handphone / iPhone
    • Tablet / iPad

  • Other media destruction devices in the standard is capable for reducing optical media particles